Interactive Approaches to Music Fundamentals and Theory


How Fundamentals and Theory Should Be Learned

Artusi is an environment developed at MIT for learning the rote, repetitive, but oh-oh-oh-so-important of the skills of Music Fundamentals and Music Theory online.

Giovanni Maria Artusi is perhaps the most famous curmudgeon in music history. He attacked other musicians especially composers for not getting the fundamentals of music exactly right. The computerized Artusi here is just as nit-picky, but I hope more jolly than his human predecessor (if this portrait is any judge).

Artusi exists to let all of us separate work on learning and practicing (and for professors and teachers, grading) fundamentals of music theory that really do have a right and a wrong answer and to instead spend more time on creative composition, things that no computer can understand. Artusi is not meant as a substitute for creativity, but rather a tool to help open up creative work elsewhere, even onto the concert stage.

It was developed by MIT Professor Michael Scott Cuthbert including partial funding from a D'Arbeloff grant. It is free for individual use. Register for an account to get started.

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